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Sure ‘N Fast Counterfeit Detector Pen


  • The New “Third Generation” Counterfeit Currency Detector Pen! 

  •  First counterfeit detector to detect counterfeit bills printed on both genuine treasury and alternated paper

  •  Greater accuracy than other detector pens

  •  Detects counterfeit ink

  •  Won’t dry out

  •  Over 2,000 applications per pen

This New “Third Generation” Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen created by “Sure ‘N Fast” (a division of Clarence J. Venne, LLC) detects counterfeit inks on washed or bleached treasury paper bills and other types of paper which counterfeiters are currently using, including coated bills!

Simply remove the cap from the Sure ‘N Fast Detector Pen. Lightly press down on the applicator and rub the applicator several times over the black round “United States Treasury Reserve System” seal on the front left side of any paper currency bill. If the paper currency bill being tested is counterfeit, the ink of the seal will smear immediately and the paper may fray as well. No clean up of applicator is necessary.

The Sure ‘N Fast “Counterfeit Buster” Detector Pen is good for testing over 2,000 bills!

The New Sure ‘N Fast “Counterfeit Buster” Detector Pen is economical and easy to use. The applicator will not dry out even if you lose the cover.  It is non-toxic and is effective on most  paper counterfeit bills currently in circulation. Sure ‘N Fast “Counterfeit Buster” Detector Pens will not harm good currency.

The New Sure ‘N Fast “Counterfeit Buster” Detector Pen is highly accurate and substantially more effective than the current counterfeit detector pens. Protect yourself and your business today!

Sure n fast Counterfeit Buster
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