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WELCOME! to Murphy Security Solutions

Checkpoint EAS Retail Loss Prevention System and Security Tags Retail Loss Prevention Systems and Tags.

We are Checkpoint System’s Largest Platinum Dealer in the U.S.A.

We are also Checkpoint’s Dealer of the year for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021

About Us - Established in 2005

Murphy Security Solutions LLC is the largest Platinum Checkpoint EAS Systems Dealer for the U.S.!. We provide advanced Checkpoint EAS anti-shoplifting products for all types retailers across the United States. Murphy Security Solutions is backed with over 30 years of experience servicing and installing Checkpoint EAS anti-shoplifting systems. Whether a Retailer is looking for a new or a refurbished Checkpoint EAS anti-shoplifting system, Murphy Security Solution’s will help customize the best possible Checkpoint EAS anti-shoplifting solution to help retailers  “sell more and lose less”?

Murphy Security Solutions is also a nation-wide provider of D-Tech USA Library RFID & Automated Device Kiosk solutions. With combined experience in libraries of 20 years in the library marketplace, MSS can handle any library’s RFID initiative or any libraries automated vending and lending solutions initiatives.

Mission Statement

The Murphy Security Solution’s team is committed to providing innovative “Retail Loss Prevention Solutions” and “RFID intelligent Library Solutions” of the highest quality with an unsurpassed level of customer service.. We provide retailers loss prevention solutions that assists retailers in “selling more and losing less” merchandise with Checkpoint’s RF EAS security solutions.

Our D-Tech RFID Intelligent Library solutions improve the efficiency of a library’s operations, resulting in library staff being able to deliver high levels of personal attention to their patrons. We also have other solutions that will help libraries expand their services to the public such as book lending units, laptop vending units , and 24/7 holds pick-up locker systems.

By combining state of the art retail security technology with unsurpassed direct customer service, Murphy Security Solutions has become one of the fastest growing companies in the Retail Loss Prevention industry. Murphy Security solutions is the largest Checkpoint EAS anti-shoplifting distributor in the United States. Murphy Security Solutions offers a complete range of retail loss prevention anti-shoplifting solutions designed to meet the challenges of Retail Loss Prevention Executives and Retail Security professionals. Whether Retail Customer’s need to reduce losses due to shop-lifting or improve profitability to help “sell more and less” Retail Customers can be confident that Murphy Security Solutions retail loss prevention products and services will help retailers achieve their retail loss prevention initiatives. Murphy Security Solutions works with all retail vertical markets to develop and implement a total retail anti-shoplifting solution to help retailers "sell more and lose less"

Murphy Security Solutions also offers a complete range of RFID Intelligent Library Solutions to all public and academic libraries. Murphy Security Solutions is an authorized distributor for D-Tech™ International RFID Library Systems. We also offer a full line of D-Tech’s award winning Library RFID lending and vending unit solutions to enhance a library’s day to day operations and to better serve the library’s patron needs.

Whether a customer needs to reduce losses and improve profitability to help “sell more and lose less” in a retail environment or increase accuracy, efficiency and enhance operations in a library environment, customers can be confident that Murphy Security Solutions’ products and services will help them achieve their goals.

Thomas J. Murphy  President

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